Fuschia Chocolate Delight Collection



Chocolate is redoubtable as a skin softener but is also capable of many other benefits like anti-ageing, keeping skin hydrated, spots reduction and guards from harmful UV ray. Fuschia presents you Chocolate Delight collection which is stacked with Choco butter glycerine soap,Choco butter lip balm and a Chocolate mud mask. Pamper your skin with these splendors products.

The mud mask made with Raw Cocoa Power, Oatmeal, White Kaolin, Mint, Indian Bentonite, Vitamin E, Chocolate Essential Oil&Frankincense Essential Oil. This helps in moisturizing. Lightens the skin, removes dead cells, helps maintain oil balance, detoxifies, regenerates skin & remove fine lines of ageing.

Chocobutter lip balm prepared with Choco butter, healthy oils extracted from cocoa beans which prevent dryness, and smoother chapped lips.

Choco butter soap made with essential aroma oils,natural glycerine and antioxidants,offers healing and obstructs skin disorders like acne, eczema etc.


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