Fuschia Sandal Collection



Our skin deserves to be treated with great care. Natural products are gentle and tender. Sandalwood is the best remedy to treat Pimples, Skin Spots, Soft Skin, Open Pores, Clear Complexion, Rashes and Allergies.

Fuschia Sandal Collection includes

Sandal Natural Handmade Glycerine Soap

Dazzle Face Mask – Sandal & Saffron

Sandal Saffron Bath Salt

Sandal Natural Handmade Glycerine Soap This perfect blend of natural Ingredients and Essential Aroma Oils gives away wonderful benefits like cure to irritations and privileges due to presence of anti-oxidants. Plus the amazing fragrance adds on to the comfort the soap greets you with.

 Natural Handmade Bath salt   are you muscle cramps still dragging you through hell of a pain and you can’t afford your time and money to find a remedy? So simply allow the salts to swirl around gently as they help in relaxing sore muscles, eliminate body aches and pains in joints and muscles, relieves Stress, rejuvenate Skin by removing Dead Skin Cells. It contains mineral-rich sea salts to reduce fluid retention & promote circulation. Saffron additionally lightens & tones your skin

Dazzle Face Mask – Sandal & Saffron ingredients are rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Oatmeal Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Saffron Extract, Vitamin E which helps in removing tan and brightening skin. Each of the variants is enriched with different natural active ingredients which impart them their unique properties.


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